Workflow – From the sketch to the finished illustration

Hey there!

I was quite busy the last two months, that’s why I didn’t find any time to post some new stuff on my blog. Fortunately I have produced quite a lot of illustrations which I will publish on my blog soon. I want to start with an illustration which I made for a magazine cover (I just gonna show the illustration itself).

Magazine Cover - Illustration - (© Rafael Koller. All rights reserved)

Magazine Cover  – Illustration: Photoshop 2013 – (© Rafael Koller. All rights reserved)

The theme of the magazine was lust. I made some different approaches to this topic and offered several ideas to the editors. They finally chose the version with the apple and the snake. I have collected some images which show the workflow of this particular illustration:
The first picture in the gallery shows the very first sketch . It was drawn with a pencil (ca. 5x5cm) and coloured digitally (gallery: pic 1).  I made a more detailed digital-sketch using reference photos to give the editors a better idea of the final drawing (pic 2). This was also the basis for the further steps. I made a simple version of the illustration to harmonize the whole image, which is actually very important to avoid different levels of execution (pic 3). After I added a lot of different colours and shadows. It’s astonishing how big the difference between the third and fourth picture (final version) is, although it’s the exact same drawing – just differently coloured. All work, expect the first sketch, was made with Photoshop.
Feel free to ask if you want some more information about my workflow or visit my homepage:

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