Concert poster: Nadine Carina

Hey there!

Once again I had the opportunity to make a concert poster for the venue Treibhaus Luzern. Even though I am quite stressed with finishing my master studies I’ve found some time to do the artwork for Nadine Carina’s concert. The last two posters for the Treibhaus were made 100 % digital. This time I wanted to do it mostly analogue. And this is the outcome:

And additionally two image details:

The image details show a big advantage of an analogue image. The original painting’s size (just the girl) is about 12cm x 22cm. This size allows to work efficiently and it doesn’t take so much time to finish it. Now the big advantage of such kind of panting is, that you can blow it up and it will still look good. Mostly I am completely overwhelmed by the richness of details you’ll find in the blowup. A digital image mostly doesn’t come with this feature and that’s why I try to work as much as possible analogue.

Well, let’s say something about the workflow. Of course you’ll need the idea firstly. I had a quite clear vision from the beginning and that made it quite easy. Firstly I needed a reference photo of Nadine’s Face. Therefore I watched several of her videos on youtube until I found the one i was looking for. I prefer to use video stills as reference material because of copyright problem. Additionally it is also boring to use a picture that was used for another purpose in advance. With the help of the photo I was able to make a quite rough digital sketch. This was the source for the first pencil drawing (image below). After I used a hard pencil to trace it onto an aquarelle paper. I prefer to have an accurate line drawing because it makes the colouring process much easier and faster. But still, it took me about 8h to finish the colouring part. After I had to write the infos. I was already a bit tired and that’s why I had to write the infos over and over again. But it looks quite interesting in a way (last image). After I just had to scan all parts and bring them together in Photoshop. The watercolour always looses a bit it’s brightness when being scanned. Because of that it was necessary to make some colour adjustments. Well, that’s it!
Hope you liked it and got inspired of it. If you have any questions just ask! rafael-koller-luzern-zuerich-schweiz-illustration-fiction-portfolio-nadine-carina-music-treibhaus-concert-poster-artwork-h550-036-Skizze2

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