Concert Poster: We Invented Paris

Sometimes it’s not easy to create an illustration, even though I’m already quite experienced. It can happen that I feel absolutely uncreative or that the drawing doesn’t come out well (technical issues). In this specific case i had both problems at the same time and that was a big problem! Especially when it is a commissional  work with a certain deadline. Then it’s important to make the best out of the current situation. In this case I am happy that i could finish the work but I am totally unhappy with the result. Maybe it’s just me but when I look at the finished Illustration I see many things which I’d like to change afterwards. One thing that bothers me the most is the quality of the scan. The original watercolor painting looks quite decent but the digitalized version was and is just crap (sorry for the strong expression ;)). Normally it’s not a big deal to bring back the brightness of the colors which was lost during the scanning process. But this time it didn’t work out and that’s why I’m quite frustrated. Anyway… let’s stop moaning. I hope you like it anyway.




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