Some Are Different – Final Piece

Hey there,

Sometimes it’s quite hard to blog all the time. Especially in summer time when you don’t want to spent too much time in front of the screen. I have finished a painting today which was sketched and presented here some months ago.


The draft (second picture below) was basically a digital colored pencil drawing. The digital coloring is an easy way to choose and change colors during the conception of the image and allowed to work fast besides.
The final piece exists as an original painting and as a hybrid painting as well. It’s quite often the case that the quality of an analogue made painting is lost during the digitalization and needs to be edited in order to get a decent result. Therefore there are small differences between the analogue and the digital version, which I see as a positive result.
Well, what have I done. I’m using quite often thick paper with a format of 50x70cm. The sturdiness allows me to work quite rough. I stopped making a pre-drawing, which was traced later on. Instead I am starting with the final piece right away. Mostly I use very soft and dark pencils and use a lot of pressure when needed. I kinda like the sketchy character, which is created with this kind of workflow. The rest is quite obvious. It needs to be colored with watercolor in order to preserve the pencil lines. As I already said it’s quite difficult to transfer certain original into a digital version. Therefore I use photoshop to bring back the brightness and richness of the colors, which were lost during the transformation.

And there is something else to be mentioned. I learnt over the years to use a sketch as a part of a process. The final piece doesn’t need to be a complete copy of the draft. In this case I decided during the coloring process not to paint the water (like in the sketch) but leaving it blank. I also decided not to use the title on the drawing itself. Well, I hope you like it and hopefully I’ll blog more often in the future.

Rafael Koller

Detail of the final piece:2014-08-17-Some-Are-Different1


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