Concert Poster: The Secret Sits

I am working at the moment more than 100% that’s why it’s hard to find time and motivation to post here. But there are some new projects waiting to be published here :). One of them is this poster for another Treibhaus concert.2014-09-02-The-Secret-Blog

I am not gonna write a lot about it just that i took me quite long to finish it. The work was sometimes a bit frustrating and I have somehow mixed feelings about the outcome. Anyway, I don’t want to withhold the workflow and the result. First step: Making sketches. This helps to generate ideas and I used some of them for creating a suitable composition later on.


The drawing was made with pencil on a 50 x 70 cm carton. I prefer thick paper/carton because it allows to draw roughly and it will stay even. 2014-09-02-The-Secret-Blog2


The rest is told quickly. I needed to scan the drawing and colorized it with photoshop…sounds easy but was quite difficult in this case! Hope you like it. 🙂


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